What is Trade Central?

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I created this thing ;-)

Trade Central is your one stop destination if you're aspiring to be a trader or already a professional trader in stocks, commodities or currencies market. Trade Central journals system (https://www.tradecentral.in/) can help you immensely in getting better at trading and you can use this community to ask questions about journals system or trading in journal. You can also share your experiences by responding to questions that interest you.

We started Trade Central with an objective of educating and helping new traders learn how to trade safely and profitably. You can ask any question related to trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, price action, trading strategies or anything else related to the subject.

IMPORTANT - Please note this platform is not meant to give recommendations for buying or selling stocks and we request the users also to avoid posting trade ecommendations. However, feel free to share your analysis, charts or any other information which could be useful for other traders to learn from.

Happy Trading!!!


Written Nov 24, 2020