What's the use of tags in trade journals?

I created some tags but not sure how to use them.

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I created this thing ;-)

Tags is a very interesting feature and can be very useful in identifying specific problems or good things about the trades that you execute. You can create multiple tags categorised by type, i.e. mistakes, positives or others. As an example, here are some of the tags I personally use.

  • Exited too early (Mistake)
  • Did not adhere to strategy (Mistake)
  • Perfect exit (Positive)

When you add trade analysis during completion of trade or later, you can also associate appropriate tags with the trade. These tags will help you identify which mistakes you are repeating more and similarly what positive things you do often. These can be very powerful in fine tuning your trading style and make you a better trader.

We have just added a tag analysis section to help you identify often occuring mistakes and positives.

Written Jan 25, 2021